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Liz's Story

  • PROBLEM: Fractured porcelain bridge & bruxism
  • SOLUTION: Porcelain bridge combined with gold

Liz grinds and clenches at night, which caused her 4-unit porcelain bridge to fail. We combined gold on her molar because gold is a softer material that will wear like her natural teeth. The combination of porcelain and gold for the bridge allowed her to have the esthetics and strength of porcelain with the flexibility of the gold on the heavy chewing area, maximizing function and longevity.


Andrea's Story

  • PROBLEM: Crooked and uneven front teeth
  • SOLUTION: Limited laminates (veneers) and gum reshaping

Andrea needed more work, but her primary concern: front teeth.
This is a case of limited laminates from teeth 07 to 09, requiring gingivoplasty (re-shaping the gums).


Gertrude's Story

  • PROBLEM: Missing several teeth
  • SOLUTION: Provisional Dentures followed by Implant-Supported Dentures

When Gertrude first came she was already missing several teeth.  To remedy her appearance, the doctor equipped her with provisionals.  The case was studied, implants were done; the outcome, in appearance, was similar to provisionals, but with permanent chewing strength.


Sue's Story

  • PROBLEM: Old, failing Crowns
  • SOLUTION: New Ceramic Crowns & Whitening

Sue presented with old crowns on teeth 05 to 12 (upper front). They were replaced with ceramic crowns and bleaching.


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