Missing teeth not only affect the appearance of your smile but also chewing and talking. Dr. Alexandra Jaquery DDS, MS in Watsonville, CA offers several options for tooth replacement. The most common method requested is dentures.


Dentures are designed specifically for the patient’s mouth, making the fit more comfortable. Adjustments will be made when the dentures are first received and will be done anytime afterward if they become uncomfortable.

There are two types of dentures available, and which type you need will depend on how many teeth need to be replaced and where they are located. Full dentures are required if an entire row of teeth is missing (top, or bottom, or both). Partial dentures are for patients who still have some teeth remaining in the row. The frame of a partial denture will have wire integrated into the plate to clip the denture into place. The wires will use existing teeth as anchors.

Whether full or partial, dentures are removable, meaning they are taken out and re-inserted. Removing dentures every day serves a couple of purposes:

  1. Cleaning — brush dentures gently to remove debris and plaque. Effervescent cleansers are also available to add to the water while they are in storage. When taken out of the mouth, dentures should always be kept in water to keep them from drying out and being damaged.
  2. Allowing the mouth to rest at night — the mouth has a natural cleaning process that happens while you sleep.
Dr. Alexandra Jaquery

No one cares like Dr. Alexandra Jaquery

Dental care is essential health care, and when you have a dentist who understands the link between your oral health and your overall well-being, a dental visit becomes an entirely different experience. At the practice of  Alexandra Jaquery DDS, MS, you can expect:

  • To be treated with caring and kindness, welcomed like a member of the family
  • To work closely with your dental team to achieve your goals
  • To have all of your concerns heard and questions answered
  • To receive state-of-the-art dental care with a highly personal touch

You will also find the expert guidance you need to achieve optimal dental health and ultimately improve your overall health.