Fixed Bridges

Missing teeth can be embarrassing, making patients self-conscious. Dr. Alexandra Jaquery DDS, MS is an expert at tooth replacement, offering different options to restore any smile.

Bridges are dental appliances that replace missing teeth (or a single tooth). A bridge is a plastic and wire plate that holds the replacement teeth. After the bridge is manufactured, the wires are bonded to the back of the teeth abutting the gap. Bonding to the natural teeth makes the bridge fixed (not removable).


The type of bridge depends on the budget and desires of the patient, but different options are available. A bridge can be bonded to your natural teeth or teeth that have crowns placed on them. One bridge type can be done with only one abutting tooth, which is good for patients missing teeth at the end of the row. Using natural teeth for abutment teeth is more economical than placing crowns on those teeth, but the most expensive and sturdiest type of bridge is bonded to dental implants. This procedure takes several months to complete but offers better stability.

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