Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy is a procedure available to restore a broken or infected tooth that still has a viable root. The root itself may survive an infection if the basic structure is still intact. If the tooth is cracked or broken, the damage needs to be above the gum line.

Preserving the root of a tooth is extremely important in oral health. Keeping the root intact helps to keep the jawbone healthy and the structure of the face intact.


When a root is lost, the bone structures surrounding that area begin to lose bone density. As time progresses, bone loss will continue. Too much bone loss will contribute to the sunken-in look that is associates with patients who have lost many teeth over time. The tooth root was not just filling a hole in the bone; the vibrations from chewing were traveling down the root and into the bone. These sensations stimulated the bone and encouraged bone volume.

When a root is still viable, a root canal can be done to repair any damage inside and restore the tooth above. A small hole is drilled into the tooth after adequate anesthetic is given. The inside of the root is scooped out and dried, then filled with a rubbery compound. The entry hole is filled, and the tooth is prepared to receive a dental crown. The entire procedure is short and fairly painless.

Dr. Alexandra Jaquery

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