Thorough Evaluation

Alexandra Jaquery DDS, MS in Watsonville, CA provides more than just dental cleanings and cavity fillings. The comprehensive dental care she provides includes assessments and oral disease prevention. Oral health is directly linked to overall health, making this comprehensive care as important as your regular family physician visits. Dental findings can sometimes lead to a referral to a family physician for further testing.


On a patient’s initial visit, we do a thorough examination to assess and document all oral tissue and bones. We’ll obtain a patient history, including a list of all current medications (vitamins and natural remedies as well), dental and medical histories, allergies, previous surgeries or hospitalizations, and habits (such as smoking and drinking). All of these factors help guide the examination, helping us identify specific high-risk areas that need to be monitored.

A full set of X-rays is obtained to see deep into the bones and soft tissues inside the jaw. These images will not only show immediate problems, but will also provide a baseline to follow when getting X-rays at later visits.

During the visual inspection, Dr. Jaquery will also examine the lips, gums, cheeks, and lymph nodes and look for evidence of oral cancer.

Dr. Alexandra Jaquery

No one cares like Dr. Alexandra Jaquery

Dental care is essential health care, and when you have a dentist who understands the link between your oral health and your overall well-being, a dental visit becomes an entirely different experience. At the practice of  Alexandra Jaquery DDS, MS, you can expect:

  • To be treated with caring and kindness, welcomed like a member of the family
  • To work closely with your dental team to achieve your goals
  • To have all of your concerns heard and questions answered
  • To receive state-of-the-art dental care with a highly personal touch

You will also find the expert guidance you need to achieve optimal dental health and ultimately improve your overall health.