Missing teeth can impact your social and work lives. Your smile is almost always the first thing a person notices when being introduced. That first impression is especially important when it is associated with your work environment.


Dr. Alexandra Jaquery DDS, MS offers a tooth restoration method that has become extremely popular — Dental Implants

  • More companies are producing the components.
  • Dental technology is making it easier and more comfortable for the patient to receive them.
  • Pricing is starting to become more competitive, making them more affordable.

Implants are undoubtedly the healthiest option available for replacing teeth. When a tooth and its root are lost to damage, trauma, or infection, the bony area around where the root was in the jaw begins to deteriorate. The vibrations that are normally sent down through the root when chewing have stopped, causing loss of volume. The sensations caused by the vibrations were encouraging the bone to remain strong and keep regular bone density. The bone volume will go down up to 25% in the first year alone and continue to decline after that.

By choosing a dental implant for tooth replacement, the implant acts as the root and the tooth together, restoring the sensations needed to retain bone density.

During a minor in-office procedure, a titanium screw is placed in the jaw. An abutment piece is placed on top of the screw to attach a crown. A temporary crown is placed until the jaw is fully healed (approximately three to six months). Once healed, the temporary crown is removed and a permanent crown is placed with a much stronger cement.

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